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See the Orangutan. Browse the Zoology 101 catalog.
See the Giant Anteater.

With exotic beauty beyond man's imagination, they span our globe. They fill the planet with wild mystery, and they are the heart of our deep, intricate natural world. We observe their actions, envy their free spirits, and watch them protect with their lives and love without condition. Though they can never belong to us, we have a chance to take a closer look at many of the wild animals that inhabit our world. Pay careful attention and you will learn what assimilates man and beast. Follow your instincts.

See the Malayan Tapir.

Each of our wonderful animals is anatomically accurate. Hours of research and careful design have produced detailed, realistically proportioned creatures who can teach you a lot about their living counterparts. Each animal is thoughtfully designed and lovingly crafted with high quality plush fabrics and materials. We know they will delight and inspire you. They are disarmingly realistic and wonderful to touch. And they just might bring you a little closer to the exotic nature of our wild, mysterious world.

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