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Image: Cooperstown Hares. Link to Cooperstown Hares catalog.

Like Cooperstown Bears, Cooperstown Hares are created by dedicated people who love what they do. Designing and making handcrafted, high-quality hares is both their profession and passion.

Image: Digby with carrot. Click to see Digby.

Digby, in a candid moment.

The classic vintage style of childhood bunnies is revisited with the Cooperstown Hares collection. These carefully designed hares are full of mischievous personality and unique expression, from the tips of their fully posable ears to the bottom of their furry feet. Each bunny has genuine mohair fur, glass eyes, a hand-stitched nose and mouth, and fully articulating limbs. Along with vintage design, the creators of these classic bunnies used their creativity and imagination to bring each individual hare to life. Our dedicated designers use the finest of materials combined with their talents to create hares with true personality and character.

Link to Cooperstown Hares catalog.

A Cooperstown Hare's favorite snack.

Our Hares collection includes Digby, a handsome fellow with short brown mohair fur, and airbrushed felt paw pads. Casey has a curly textured, distressed ivory mohair coat with smooth, dark leather paw pads. Derby is a true beauty with her full coat of light pink mohair fur and felt paw pads. But these three hares wouldn’t be the same without their three smaller, but equally important friends. 14kt, 18kt and 24kt stand a proud six inches tall, complete with their favorite snack in hand, carrots! Each one of these individually designed hares has a personality all its own and distinctive features that set them apart from one another. Despite their unique differences, these hares are all the best of friends!

With creative design, quality craftsmanship and the finest of materials, Cooperstown Hares capture the spirit of the classic bunny rabbit with authentic vintage style and charm.

Call 1-888-533-8113 to order!