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Browse the Artist Bears catalog. Browse the Artist Bears catalog  Browse the Artist Bears catalog.
Explore our 82 master artists:
Link to Artist Bears catalog.

As interesting and unique as bears are, think of the character and creativity of the artists who made them. Artists express their experiences and adventures through their creation of bears. Authentic dress, beautiful mixes of colors, and unique features exclusive to as few as a single bear, are a few of the qualities that separate Artist Bears from the rest.

Link to Artist Bears catalog.

Artist Bears are exquisite in every detail.

Cooperstown Bears has invited some of the most well-known names in the bear world to showcase their creations. Special and different, large and small, skinny and short… the Artist Bear section has it all. Most of the artists featured have decided to create exclusive one-of-a-kind bears just for us! We hope you find as much mystery, history and excitement in them as we do.

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