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America's favorite pastime, as it is often fondly called,

      is much more than the sport of baseball.

It is an era, encompassing the past, present and future,

  a spirit that lives in the athletes, fans and followers of the game.

      It's the smell of freshly cut grass in the outfield.

The perfect cloud of dust that forms as a pair of new cleats slides into second base.

      The distinct sound of the ball whistling like a rocket through the air and the thud as it lands in the pocket of a well-oiled leather glove.

The intensity between a pitcher and batter in the ninth inning,

        with two outs

                and the bases loaded.

It's the glimmer of excitement in the eyes of a child in the stands,

      as he watches his favorite player hit a home run

          wishing that one day he will be down on that field,

  and he will be

          that good.

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