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Big, small, short, tall, fancy clothes or none at all.

    With personalities all unique, as different as each one's physique.

Furry coats in many hues, expressions that will sure amuse.

    These teddies are individuals, you see, but together, they are a family.

Designing collectible teddies isn't just a career, it's an art, a passion, a creative process that requires emotion and imagination as much as it requires skill. These unique artists breathe life into the bears they create, influencing their overall appearance, personality and expression and developing an individual connection and pride for every single bear they send off into the world.

Image: Bear Brand seal of authentic quality.

Bear Brand seal of authentic quality.

The artists of our Bear Brand collection love what they do, and it shows through the amazing hand-crafted design and personable touches of the bears they create. The Bear Brand line includes teddies of all shapes and sizes, with various expressions, numerous fur colors and textures, and some even show off their spunk with stylish outfits and accessories. In addition, each bear is given a name that especially fits him or her perfectly! There are different types of people in the world, and we are sure that there is a Bear Brand teddy to suit each and every one!

Our teddies bring happiness and joy to collectors, children and people of all kinds.

Call 1-888-533-8113 to order!