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The beauty and tradition of the Teddy Bear is timeless, as are the memories and traditions that follow. Consider this, at your leisure, not just a catalogue, but also a gateway... a door to the past. Cooperstown Bears is a compilation of historic relics, honored legends, and a little hope and dreams. Let us bring the wonder into your world with our vast selection of collectibles.

Re-live great adventures with past heroes and characters of our time through Teddy Legends.

Admire the craftsmanship of our Vintage and Bear Brand collections.

Cooperstown Bears shows its athletic side with the Sports Bear collection.

Reminisce about the past, finding true treasures in our Antique Bear section.

Find surprise and excitement with our individually, handcrafted Artist Bears. Each is as unique and distinct as the souls that brought them to life. Alas, our lovingly crafted and thoughtfully designed animals are made using only the finest materials.

Our pleasure and happiness is not only derived from our customers adopting a one-of-a-kind bear into their family, but from their smiles and the glimmer in their eyes.


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